Musica De Profundis

This has been making the rounds in my Facebook circle for awhile, thanks to the large number of medievalists I happen to know. I share it because, well, who doesn’t want to hear “a 500-year-old song painted on a butt from hell.” As it turns out some, um, enterprising student decided to record several lines of music that appear on the unfortunate rear of one of the damned in Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (said butt melody can be found directly under the harp-thingy at the bottom of the hell section, which the linked Wikimedia version will helpfully allow you to zoom in on).

The song is, perhaps, not the most melodic thing you’ve ever heard—but then again, what do you expect from hell music, really? Read more—and hear the whole thing—here.


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