Seven Quick Takes—01/24/14

— 1 —

This is what happens when I try and make sensible economic arguments to myself:

 “Hmm, what with this polar vortex nonsense—and my neighborhood’s crappy sidewalk maintenance—I’m kidding myself about sticking with a running program this winter.”

“You could join the school gym.”

“That’s true, but I can barely talk myself—in good weather—into walking out the door to go for a run. Do I seriously think that I’m going to talk myself into driving all the way to campus to work out?”

“Fair point. Plus, it costs so much buy to gym privileges.”

“You know, there is that new Wii Fit version that just came out. And look, it’s on sale on Amazon for less than the gym would cost you and you don’t have to leave the house to work out.”

“That’s a valid, sound, and utterly irrefutable argument for the purchase of a video game and accompanying paraphernalia. Logic compels me…” *click*


UPDATE: As a clear sign of my old-lady-ness, I totally thought the “u” at the end of Wii Fit U meant an update to the Wii Fit program. But, it turns out there’s a whole new Wii console…oh dear. This may take some sorting out…(though, so far as I can tell, the balance board accessory—which is the pricey bit to begin with—should work fine, I just need to get the older program).

— 2 —

If I can talk myself into things I don’t need, maybe I can also talk myself into doing things I totally should do. Fortunately, The Millions has already helped me along by usefully re-writing the titles of famous novels to turn them into solid-gold click bait. Some of the best: “Watch This Kid Burst Into Tears When He’s Refused Some More Porridge” and “We Thought We Could Beat On Against The Current Without Being Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past. Boy Were We Wrong.” One of my favorites actually comes from the combox: “One Man Goes To Extraordinary Lengths to Catch the Biggest Fish Ever—You Won’t Believe His Age.”

— 3 —

Like T.S. Eliot? Adore Jeremy Irons? Of course you do!  It expires 13 hours from now, but at the moment you can still stream Jeremy Irons reading Eliot’s Four Quartets at BBC Radio 4. The actual reading starts around 7:45 on the recording. If only all the books I read could be narrated in my head by Jeremy Irons…

— 4 —

And now for something completely different: A cat playing a theremin! (Last second is absolutely priceless.)

— 5 —

Cats (and dogs!) are also remarkably talented at helping you keep track of whether you’re meeting each day’s dissertation research and writing goals:

Cats on Fridge

Stickers worked when you were five and they will work now. Stickers always work.

— 6 —

As Friday comes to a close, allow me to boast of my great achievement of having finally completed a Monday New York Times crossword puzzle without having to look anything up: 


— 7 —

Finally, in more serious (and super-exciting) news…well…rumor: John Allen reports that two senior Vatican sources have indicated that Pope Francis intends to visit Philadelphia in September 2015 for the World Meeting of Families! Sounds like it’ll soon be time for me to pay my first real visit to Philly (I don’t think that driving near it on the Pennsylvania Turnpike really counts, which is all that I’ve done so far).

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